Mette Rehne interpretates your ideas and creates a complete theme campaign. 

    Illustrations in top: Trædestenene, Højmosen, Landbrud i Store Vildmose, Pindstrup mosebrug.
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    Illustrated: Skagen, Frederikshavn, Sæby
    Press release (in danish)


    Theme Idea

    A main picture is created in which an actual theme is illustrated and as the buyer you have great influence of the decision. From here the chosen products are produced with the motif taken from the main picture.

    All goods are sold and exhibited assembled in the stores.

    You now have the chance to refreshen your existing campaigns and standard assortments.

    We create and help you to renovation in purchasing with good earnings possibilities. All in all you have the chance to build a sales success where you decide how to conciliate everything from the motif to the product assortment.

    Series illustrated for Stores

    Flowers, H.C. Andersen (Illustrated: The little match girl, The snow queen & The garden of eden), Denmark and Out of Africa (Karen Blixen)


    Arts & Business

    Mette Rehne creates an artistic interpretation of your firm. The possibilities are many:
    - Company Profile leaflets
    - Annual reports
    - Posters
    - Art for the walls
    - Your idea
    We have previously developed ideas to a large number of firms.